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Royal Baika Caviar (light) Combo

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Royal Baika Caviar (light) Combo

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This combo is designed to enjoy the Royal Baika Caviar to the fullest! more.


This combo contains: 1 Royal Baika Caviar has a full color of deep (30g /1.06oz) (or equivalent). 1 mini blinis box (16 per package) (80g/2.82oz). 

Electably fresh and fruity, Siberian Reserve Caviar has a full color of deep Black, with a regular grain (weight 30g /1oz). Caviar can be presented as an aperitif or as an appetizer, On a blini, potato or toasted bread , make your toast with a little cream, avocado or small vegetables. Crunchy, egg, or king crab legs. The caviar is incorporated into the dishes at the time of dressing, so it does not cook. It is perfect with shellfish or fish, but also with eggs and even, for more audacity, on raw meat such as for example, on a beef tartar. 

The species originate from Siberia, Russia, and is a favorite of sturgeon farmers because of its rapid growth. Acipenser Baerii sturgeons usually mature during their 7-8th year, live up to 20 years, and reach over 30 pounds. Siberian caviar is smaller than Osetra or Kaluga, and it has full-bodied flavors like the famed Sevruga caviar.

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