Sardines in tomato Albo (0.376 lb)

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Sardines in tomato Albo (0.376 lb)

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To the advantages of the sardine in Preserves Albo add the ones of the tomato, obtaining a healthy product and very rich.
'Albo' It produces around 100 different products , following the most demanding quality controls, supported with certifications such as the ISO-9001and prepared with the best raw materials and natural condiments, achieving the highest quality products, authentically selective and valued by the wide range of consumers that know and recognize Albo quality.
Squid is preserved in sunflower oil, tomato, onion, spices and salt. more.


Nutritional information (by 100 g of product wringing): - energetic Value: 848 kJ / 203 kcal - Proteins: 20 g - Carbohydrates of which: 3 g; and sugars: 0 g - Total Fats of which: 11 g; saturated 3 g; poliinsaturadas: 4 g; monoinsaturadas: 4 g - Sodium: 0,5 g - Cholesterol: 52 mg - Vitamin B12: 3,5 µg (140%) - Vitamin D: 5,9 µg (118%) - Phosphorus: 610 mg (87%)
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