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Sarrasin Crepes Francine - Easy to cook (15.5oz/440g)

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Sarrasin Crepes Francine - Easy to cook (15.5oz/440g)

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Very easy to cook, those crepes will enjoy all your sweet snacks! more.


Francine has created My Buckwheat Pancakes to help you prepare a delicious Breton meal at your fingertips. For that, you just have to mix the preparation for Pancakes with buckwheat with a little water. In a few minutes, you'll get a creamy dough to make well-brown buckwheat pancakes. With Francine, cooking becomes really easy. From : France Directions: - In a bowl, add the contents of 1 packet and 50cL (2 cups) of water while stirring (no need to let the dough rest) - Pour the dough into a hot slightly oiled pan, and cook each side for about 1:30 to 2 minutes or until golden brown - Place your filling of choice (cheese, eggs, bacon bits, etc.) and enjoy
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Additional Information

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