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Taureau Ailé, Rice from Camargue / Riz de Camargue - (500g/17.6oz)

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Taureau Ailé, Rice from Camargue / Riz de Camargue - (500g/17.6oz)

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Escape to the heart of the wild landscapes and sunny lands of the Camargue, the main place of rice production in France. (500g/17.6oz) more.


Taureau Ailé has selected for you the IGP long grain rice harvested in the sunny rice fields of Camargue. Present since the 16th century, Camargue rice is protected by irrigated borders, thus allowing the preservation of the Camargue ecosystem. An ancestral know-how to discover in this new episode of Echappées Parfumées.

Rice IGP Taureau Ailé meets strict specifications guaranteeing a culture that cares about the environment in order to preserve the Camargue terroir. With its white grains and soft texture, Camarge IGP long grain rice is ideal for your dishes in sauce and your salads. (500g/17.6oz)

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