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2 Rabbit Legs (hind) - Cuisses de Lapin

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2 Rabbit Legs (hind) - Cuisses de Lapin

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What a perfect idea to bring some novelty to your dishes... and so good! more.


Rabbit meat is tender, lean, and juicy, with a flavor somewhat similar to chicken, but richer.  Rabbit hind legs are the meatiest part of the animal and have a more robust flavor.  They are best prepared through slow-cooking techniques like braising, stewing or slow-roasting.

Each leg quarter includes both the leg and the attached thigh.

Air chilling rabbits (as opposed to the cheaper and more common industrial water chilling) is a more environmentally sound process that generates less waste and further improves the flavor and texture of the meat. (Water chilled rabbits can absorb water during the chilling process.)

These rabbits are raised by Grupo Hermi, a company that has been raising top quality rabbits in Spain for over 40 years. They control all aspects of production from breeding for superior genetics to innovative farming, processing & packaging. European chefs have very high standards when it comes to rabbit, and Grupo Hermi delivers.

Perfect with Potatoes GratinPastaFrench Green Beans Extra FinePuff PotatoesBelgian nut potatoes, french fries and mashed potatoes or simply with a salad ...Sold in an uncooked state 2 legs per package Product of USA - (USDA states it is the most nutritious meat) - (Average 1.1lb/500g ) Product is frozen - Shelf life : 1 years Frozen

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