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Royal Baiki Caviar

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Royal Baiki Caviar

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Absolutely delicious Royal Bakia caviar Petrossian has a full color of gold amber, with a firm grain, regular grain, pleasing pop and distinctive nutty taste that inspires fierce loyalty among its supporters. Weight (30g /1.06oz) more.


This Siberian treasure is the perfect caviar for brine-lovers. If you adore oysters, mussels or clams, be prepared to fall in love with Baika's firm grains, delicate texture and satisfying burst. Caviar can be presented as an aperitif or as an appetizer, On a blini, potato or toasted bread, make your toast with a little cream, avocado or small vegetables. 

These dark beads make the perfect compliment to a summer by the sea or a clever way to take the sea air with you, wherever you gather with friends and loved ones. Introduce Baika to the brine-lover in your life and worry about getting them another gift again. 

Every bead of Petrossian Caviar is sustainably raised and hand-selected from the finest farms across the globe, matured to perfection through our care and expertise, then made available to buy online at the peak of taste and texture.
Poland, Madagascar, France, China

Weight (30g /1.06oz)

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