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Premium Shrimp Crystal Blue New Caledonia

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Premium Shrimp Crystal Blue New Caledonia

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Considered the best shrimp in the world! Caliber U10-12, easy to detach shrimp more.


SOPAC is a collaborative effort from New Caledonia, an island rich in history, where the Kanak ethnic identity is formed with strong ties with Mother Earth and ancestors. The New Caledonian blue shrimp is produced by demanding and responsible farmers in limited amounts (1,200 tons per year on average). It is the only shrimp recognized by Japan to have "sashimi" quality. Its unique taste, firm but tender flesh and beautiful blue color make it a seafood product of excellence especially appreciated by chefs and consumers. Easy to detach shrimp - Caliber U10-12 - Made in France - Frozen - Average 20 pieces, 2.2 Lb / 1Kg

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