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Ravioles du Royans au Comté (2.2 lb)

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Ravioles du Royans au Comté (2.2 lb)

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The original Raviole du Royans is a delicious tiny gourmet pasta stuffed with Comté cheese and parsley. The pasta is made of a thin soft wheat semolina dough that cooks in less than 2 minutes. The Raviole du Royans makes a great side dish, garnish or appetizer. more.


Cooking directions: Bring 2 quarts of salted water to boil. Plunge frozen ravioles into simmering water for 1 minute maximum while gently stirring to separate. do not overcook. Never let boil. Take the ravioles off with a skimmer when they resurface. Serve immediately on a hot plate. Add butter to enhance flavor.Delicious with mushrooms. Fry : Quickly plunge frozen ravioles in hot oil. Do not fry them more than 1 minute. Drain and immediately serve. Recipe: Gratin de Ravioles

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